Humility + Faith = Gratitude

Arrogance is the expression of superiority and pride. It can block our blessings and spiritual evolution, because the Creator of the Universe resists the proud (do not confuse pride with the simplicity of confidence). We must be humble enough to recognize that to reject and judge our lives and the children placed in our care is a form of pride.

Arrogance makes it difficult to enter the realm of peace. The grace of God cannot accompany us through difficulties when we have created an atmosphere of ungratefulness and arrogance around us. Softening and opening our hearts requires effort and intention during tough times.

Gratitude requires humility. You cannot have one without the other. The amount of gratitude you embody reflects your level of humility. An arrogant person will not give thanks to another for what they believe they received on their own. Nor will they give thanks for situations they dislike or believe they fully understand. Gratitude arises from the belief that there is some reason, lesson, or strength that will come from the situation.

In order to be appreciative during difficulties, it is necessary to have both humility and faith.

When we label and judge our situations, we create more suffering for ourselves. The fact that we don't know or understand everything in our lives is something we must acknowledge. By committing to walk in gratitude, we can find the hidden gems to appreciate in our parenting experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions:
How can I use gratitude to improve my appreciation of parenting?
During parenting difficulties, how can I maintain a spirit of gratitude?
How can I see my parenting challenges differently so I can become more appreciative of parenting?